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Lotus Villa is located in Kitulgala, that is a small town in the west of Sri Lanka. It is in the wet zone rain forest, which gets two monsoons each year, and is one of the wettest places in the country. Nevertheless, it comes alive in the first three months of the year, especially in February, the driest month. Kitulgala is also a base for white-water rafting, which starts a few kilometers upstream and also popular as a location for adventure based training programs.

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Makandawa Forest Reserve
The Makandawa Forest Reserve is one of Sri Lanka’s richest and most unspoiled rainforests. It covers an area of 1155 hectares and lies close to the village of Kithulgala, one of Sri Lanka’s centers for adventure sports. The reserve hosts a plethora of rare and endemic flora and fauna. Makandawa is also the selfsame rainforest where the famous World War II movie, ‘The Bridge over the River Kwai’.
Belilena Cave
Belilena is a well known large cave in Sri Lanka, located 8 km (5.0 mi) from the town of Kitulgala. Evidence of prehistoric human presence as early as 32,000 years ago was recorded at the site. The skeletal remains of ten individuals were discovered by Paul E. P. Deraniyagala, who attributed them to Balangoda Man (Homo sapiens balangodensis). Balangoda Man is assumed to have lived as early as 32,000 years ago and occupied high altitude territories of up to 2,000 ft. (609.6 m) above sea level.
Aberdeen Falls
Aberdeen Falls is a 98 m (322 ft.) high waterfall on the Kehelgamu Oya near Ginigathena, in the Nuwara Eliya District of Sri Lanka. Aberdeen is named after Aberdeen, the third largest city in Scotland and the capital of Aberdeenshire. Kehelgamu Oya is a major tributary of the Kelani River.
Kelani River
The Kelani River is a 145-kilometre-long (90 mi) river in Sri Lanka. Ranking as the fourth-longest river in the country, it stretches from the Sri Pada Mountain Range to Colombo. It flows through or bordering the Sri Lankan districts of Nuwara Eliya, Ratnapura, Kegalle, Gampaha and Colombo. The kelani also river flows through the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo and provides 80%of its drinking water.
Manna Kethi Ella
The source of this 60m-high Mannakethi Fall is the Girankitha Oya Reservoir, that is served in turn by the western slopes of the Unagula Mountain. Later, the Mannaketi Falls flows into the Kelani River that enters the Indian Ocean in Colombo North.
Wewalthalawa Plateau
For those who visit Kithulgala, a good diversion is the Wewalthalawa (Wewiyathalawa) plateau belonging to the Halgolla Tea Estate. Wewalthalawa lies in the center of a ring of mountains like a bottom of a basin. This is also the area which receives the 2nd highest rainfall in Sri Lanka. Wewalthalawa is part of the Halgolla Tea Estate and the top of Wewalthalawa is covered in Lush Tea bushes all around as if a velvet has been spread over the whole area.

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